About Us

Interakt Media is a persistent implementor and innovator of web technologies, working to serve millions of individual users each month.
We strive for excellence: our standards meet and surpass our industry guidelines.

Timeline and events

The first company of the Interakt Media group was founded in mid 2006. On August 26th, 2006 our first publishing platform was released.

By January 2007, our company was serving over 1 million unique users on 5 publishing platforms. Services offered ranged from legal information and consulting, online television, free educational guides, search engine platforms to consulting for NGO's.

2008 and 2009 offered increased growth. We've adopted vertical integration as a company strategy and expanded our services to the full breadth of the niches we covered. Our publishing platforms that serve millions have become our distribution channels.
We've extended the distribution process by developing advertising network services and our own advertising network.
From resellers of digital content, we've taken the steps to develop and market our own digital content.
With an ever increasing complexity of our own business, we've employed experts in IP law, accounting. We've moved a step further and incorporated our own consultancy business.

Present day, 2010 : Over 5 million unique users rely on our services each month. Four companies including one NGO manage the day to day activites of our group. Since 2006, we've increased our team seven fold.

For our prospective customers, but also our partners and collaborators, please take a moment and read our company values below. These values serve as a constant reminder of our goals and aspirations.

Our Company Values

  • Ingeniosity
  • Performance
  • Initiative
  • Learning & Leadership
  • Customer insight