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We bring value, innovation and growth to the internet.

Interakt Media is a leading web technologies implementor and internet business. Our services empower and enable tens of millions of internet users each month. With our broad range of products, we strive to bring a solid and constant contribution to the Internet experience.

Interakt Media has over 6 years of experience in Internet and affiliated businesses. It's purpose is to advance technology and, through research, to identify and fufill current needs in the fast-paced Internet ecosystem.

Through vertical integration, the group, which now consists of 4 companies, touches all segments of the business process: web development and web technologies research & development, hardware and software acquisiton/maintenance and support, graphic/media/copyright and public relations, business consultancy/IP law, distribution channels, lead generation and advanced targeted advertising along with customer acquisiton.

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Technology case study

Taxonomy and classification technologies

Our TV Guide and video search engine platform, which is currently one of our leading projects, implements advanced classification procedures and state of the art indexing.

This brief case study will take a brief look at the technologies at work in this environment from the technologist's point of view.